Quill introduces PuduBot Solution


The first trackless delivery robot in the industry. This robot’s simple and effective industrial design gained it “The Best Design” by Red Dot Awards from Germany and set the standard for new design trends for indoor delivery robots. Since its release, PuduBot has been sold in more than 50 countries to serve local consumers in restaurants, hotels, office spaces, factories and other industries.

PuduBot can deliver:

  • Multifunction delivery capabilities, to include:
    • Delivery Mode: Delivers food to multiple tables at once.
    • Cruise Mode: Recommends food and desserts to customers by voice. Circulates along a predetermined path.
    • Direct Mode: Performs one-way delivery.
    • Birthday Mode: Delivers birthday cake or gifts to customers, accompanied by customized background music.
    • Dish-Return Mode: Collects dishes to be cleaned and delivers them to the dish-return spot or the dish-washing room.
    • Special Mode: Designed for special occasions such as marriage, funerals, and other special occasions. Easy And quick selection of background.
  • Safe and Efficient Delivery
    • 3D obstacle avoidance technology
    • Auto-level independent linkage suspension for insured stability
    • Collaborative delivery is ensured with Multi-robot cooperation
    • Accurate positioning

Why Quill classic delivery robot solution?

  • All-Aluminum Frame
    • Aviation-grade aluminum alloy
    • Structurally stable, antioxidant and corrosion resistant
  • Adjustable Trays
    • 3 metal trays (42×50cm)
    • Offering 7 levels of adjustment.
  • 3D Obstacle Avoidance Sensor
    • 2 RGBD depth cameras
  • Lidar
    • Customized lidar that doubles the accuracy of obstacle avoidance
  • Visual Camera
    • Real-time positioning due to the top infrared camera
    • Complete visual positioning solution
  • Dish Cover (accessory)
    • Large, enclosed space
    • Modular design and 3-minute quick disassembly
  • Independent Linkage Suspension
    • Auto-level independent linkage suspension system.
    • Self-adaptive road detection and highly effective shock filtering to avoid bumps.
  • Personalized Services
    • Sunlight resistance
    • Mobile device call, leading to real-time control and quick response.
    • Punctual private room notification on robot arrival.
    • Online upgraded and real-time synced customized voice,

Targeted Industries

  • Our robot positioning and navigation technology based on multi-sensor fusion, allows PuduBot to be used in the below-mentioned industries:
    • Hotels, Restaurant, and Cafés
    • Government and Office buildings
    • Schools and Universities
    • Events, exhibitions, showrooms, and museums
    • Hospitals and shopping malls

What is in it for you?

  • Differentiated marketing
  • Cost-effective and easy to use
  • Safe and efficient
  • Contactless delivery
  • Safe and efficient food delivery in high traffic areas
  • Able to adapt to different floor conditions and delivery requirements
  • Shorter waiting time and high table turnover rate through extra-large loading capacity
  • Free your waiters, from tedious and repetitive work, to focus more on serving customers.
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction through focused waiters and faster response.
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