Quill introduces BellaBot Solution


BellaBot, a premium delivery robot, is designed for enhanced quality service. It is endowed with superior human-Robot interaction capabilities, enabled through its an innovative bionic design language, and multi-modal interaction.

BellaBot can deliver:

Unprecedented food delivery robot experience, to include:

  • Greeting Mode: Greeting, welcoming Managing reception and escorting guests to their tables.
  • Delivery Mode: Delivering ordered food to multiple tables at once.
  • Cruise Mode: Cruising along a predetermined path, and recommending, by voice, drinks, and desserts.
  • Birthday Mode: At birthdays, Bellabot will have the name of the birthday girl/boy printed on the intelligent lattice screen on BellaBot’s back, and will provide the service of delivering birthday cakes and gifts with automatically play the chosen and set music during the transport. (See video)
  • Dish-Return Mode: is accomplished by collecting dirty dishes and delivering them to the dish-return spot or the dish-washing room.
  • Direct Mode: Direct and one-way delivery.

Why Quill food delivery robot solution?

  • Intelligent Induction Tray
    • Perceives the tray’s load to ensure more efficient delivery.
    • Its modular structure allows for quick disassembly and easier cleanup.
  • Dual SLAM Technology
    • Dual (Laser & Visual SLAMS) accurate and user-friendly navigation solution for full coverage and adaptation to any scenario.
    • Providing a unified excellent user experience.
  • High-sense and Obstacle Avoidance
    • Safety ensured with 3-D obstacle avoidance technology.
    • Streamlined navigation in compact environments with minimum required clearance.
  • Highly Interactive Robot:
    • Bellabot is equipped with Multimodal Interaction capabilities such as, light, touch, and smart expression interactions.
    • Leading to unprecedented human-robot interaction.
  • Safe & Efficient
    • Power Exchange Technology enables quick replacements to keep the robot running.
    • Auto-level adaptive variable suspension, ensuring driving stability.


  • Intelligent Lattice Screen on BellaBot’s back
    • Allows the full customization of table numbers, instructions and blessings to meet customer needs.

Targeted Industries

  • Hotels, Restaurant, and Cafés
  • Government and Office buildings
  • Schools and Universities
  • Events, exhibitions, showrooms, and museums
  • Hospitals and shopping malls

What is in it for you?

  • Differentiated marketing
  • Optimized management and reducing labor costs
  • Ensured safe, efficient, and intelligent customer experience
  • Enhanced Waiters’ focus on better serving customers
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