Quill introduces KettyBot Solution


KettyBot is a premium, low cost and high efficiency delivery and reception robot that delivers a state-of-the-art experience in high traffic restaurants.

KettyBot can deliver:

Five key advantages:

    • Customized advertisement on-robot display
    • Customer attraction guidance,
    • Greeting and escorting
    • AI voice interaction
    • Multiple delivery modes

Why Quill delivery and reception robot solution?

  • Superior Mobility:
    • Compact, stylish, and dynamic design capable to easily navigate different environments
    • Specially designed for complex and dynamic environments.
    • Empowered with clearance and 3D perception capabilities.
  • In-Store marketing:
    • The 18.5″ large advertising screen provides:
      • Eye-catching marketing tool.
      • Adaptable to customer’s angle of view.
      • Ideal to impress the whole family with a high-power speaker.
    • Customized advertising:
      • Offering the flexibility to customize content of the ad display.
      • Easy and streamline management of duration, frequency, and ads order.
    • A Versatile All-rounder:
      • Versatility is ensured by the ability to cover various services such as:
        • Customer attraction and advanced interaction capabilities.
        • Greeting and escorting.
        • Multi-table delivery, birthday, and cruise modes.
      • Adaptability is ensured by:
        • Innovatively designed for enhanced adaptability.
        • Ultra-long battery life with impressive auto-charging.
        • 24-hour enabled service.
      • Two forms of greater versatility:
        • Enabled by the removable trays and rear cover.
        • Added robot flexibility to perform every task in the best possible way

Targeted Industries

  • Restaurants, Hotels, and Cafés
  • Government and Office buildings
  • Schools and Universities
  • Events, exhibitions, showrooms, and museums
  • Hospitals and shopping malls

What is in it for you?

  • A Differentiated experience to attract more customers.
  • A novel approach for in-store marketing.
  • Robot-human collaboration for improved service and efficiency.
  • Manpower shortage is no longer a problem.
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