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The underlying philosophy behind our name is what distinguishes us and sets us apart. There has been certain discoveries and innovations that shaped the life we live today. One of the major ones, is the simple plume, also known as quill. This is where the idea and spirit of our company stemmed from. The quill was used both to document and share all early discoveries, culture, and works of art. On the other hand, the shape, structure and light weight of a quill made aviation a reality. This is where steps in, we are the house of new technology from providing robots and other ingenious solutions to streamline your life, empower your business and increase customer retention and satisfaction.

Our name is Quill which spells out the different values, morals, and professional conduct that continuously steers us on the right path to continued success, as well as empower our company, since its inception, and will continue to do so until many years to come.

Quiet / Quality / Quick /
U are our priority / Ultimate / Unconditional / Unequaled /
Innovation / Integrity / Insightful / Inspire / Inventive / Investment
Loyalty / Love /
Love / Light

At Quill World, we remain true to our name and incorporate it in the way we do business, the way we treat our employees and the positive attitude we serve our clients with. We provide them with the latest of technologies and pave their way to offer the highest standards of customer satisfaction to their clients.

Our Flying Story

Empowered by the pioneering vision of its founding members, Quill World was created to deliver new state-of-the-art technologies to best cater to the individual needs of different sectors in Jordan and the region. Our aim is to provide new technologies to solve daily issues that costs companies’ lot spent in investing in skilled manpower, marketing, sales, and in surviving the Covid epidemic in general. With our new Robot solutions, we take the burden off their hands and increase their visibility through technology-led marketing and sales, enhance their immunity & the cleanliness of their places of work against Covid and increase customer satisfaction and as a result increase their loyal customer base. The name of the game is enhanced customer service through robot technology and not through technologies in need of frequent updates, migrations, and new add-ons, necessitating large teams to be employed and trained to support and keep up to date.

Vision & Mission

Vision: To become the clear choice for smart, intelligent, reliable, and easy to use technology and robot solutions made by humans for humans.

Mission: To deliver, with passion, unique and future-oriented technology solutions through combined expertise in various areas, to make life and work easier, more enjoyable, more efficient, more productive, and more fruitful.


  • The Q in Quill drives us do our work and to satisfy our clients with Quality technology solutions in a Quiet and Quick manner.
  • The Quill culture enforces in us the belief that U, Client, are our priority, and hence it is our motto and objective to serve you Unconditionally and to address your needs in an Ultimate and an Unequaled manner.
  • The I in Quill represents for the technology part in us. We focus on bringing you Innovation delivered with Integrity to Inspire your enterprises to enhance customer satisfaction and surpass their expectations. Furthermore, we offer you Insightful and Inventive for your future IT and technology I
  • With our unlimited Loyalty to our Mission and to our clients, we strive to always bring you the best solutions and ensure the best standards of service to meet and exceed your expectations.
  • We Love what we do, so we do it with passion. We offer Light and flexible solutions which are user-friendly, easily manageable, interactive, competitive and which will enhance the way you live life.


Employer of choice

  • Our excellent employeesare the pillars for smart technology and robot solutions.
  • All of them have one thing in common: their passion for Quill World, the company, its technological innovation, its clients, and partners. Thus, always finding them shooting for unrivalled customer service.
  • Appreciation, equal opportunities, and tolerancehave a high priority at Quill World with employees, and business partners.

Quill World offers various career and training opportunities to support the personal and professional development of Quill World employees.

Our Gliding Models

  • Direct Sales Model:Robots are sold, through our sales team, directly to end customer.
  • Robots-as-a-Service (RaaS) Business Model: Allowing enterprises to save operational expenses and reduce upfront costs by opting for a full turn-key robotic solution for a monthly or annual fee.
  • Leasing Model:A service compensation model where the customer pays for the continuous use of our robot over an agreed-upon period.
  • 24/7 Support:Provided by our expert Support team and available throughout the day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


In our continuous effort to empower businesses with the latest of technologies, we are targeting the following sectors where our solutions will make a difference and will enhance companies’ edge and market share:

  • Education sector
  • Healthcare sector
  • Hospitality sector
  • Financial sector
  • Government sector
  • Telecommunication & Retail sector

Manufacturing sector


With a sales coverage of over 60 countries worldwide, the vendor company with its pioneering and unique array of robots is finally entering the Region through Jordan by the capable hands of Quill World.  In addition to many schools, universities, restaurants, hospitals, retail shops and malls around the world, an example are the below-featured international chains covering many industries:

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